As you all know, The Body Shop passionately believes that all cosmetics should be Against Animal Testing, yet Cruelty Free International tells us that 80% of countries around the world still allow it to happen.

Customers, like yourself, have been fantastic at showing your passion for this issue too by adding your voices and signatures to the Cruelty Free International pledge in our stores and online. Now we need your help again, because this coming Monday, we’re closing the pledge so that we can start planning the next phase of our campaign – presenting the pledges to governments and regulators around the world.

Cruelty Free International Pledge

In March we made some incredible progress on the issue of Against Animal Testing when the EU finally banned all animal testing in cosmetics. This ban is really progressive because it also prevents any products or ingredients that have been tested on animals from being imported into the EU.

CFI also believes that the ban is having an effect on other countries around the world and we want to do everything we can to prove to governments and regulators that it is possible to ban animal testing in cosmetics.

Act Now!

We really want to reach one million signatures, and we’re very close to this target. You can help us get there by sharing this blog post on your social networks and asking all your friends, family, colleagues, followers and fans to click on this link and sign the pledge. This is a global pledge so it can be signed ANYWHERE in the world.

Against Animal testing

Thanks in advance for your support and please stay tuned for all the latest news as we begin to take your signatures around the world.